Ghostwire Tokyo Spiders Thread Update

Ghostwire Tokyo Update Adds Spider’s Thread Game Mode and More Main Story Content

Ghostwire Tokyo is soon going to be hitting its first anniversary and Bethesda will still be supporting the game beyond that with a large content update called Spider’s Thread. The update will add a brand new game mode as well as new locations, skills, and enemies in the main story campaign.

When will the Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread update be released?

The free Spider’s Thread DLC/content update will be released on April 12 for both PS5 and PC. The main draw of the update is the titular game mode, Spider’s Thread. Players face 30 stages that are picked from more than 130 levels and the sole aim is to reach the end. Failing in the middle of a run will place players way back at the start. However, clearing challenges throughout the mode will reward upgrades that can be retained between playthroughs to become stronger and stand a better chance of reaching the end.

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The main story will also get plenty of additions. New locations will include a spooky Middle School area and they will offer new missions and extended story cutscenes. There will be new combat skills like Counter-Attack, Quick Dodging, and a Charge Rush that can convert a Palm Strike into an elementally charged melee strike. New talismans will add new effects like using whirlwinds to climb greater heights. All of these will need to be used against the new Visitors like the “fast-moving Retribution, invisible Silent Gaze, or the high-flying Sanguine Dancer.”

Photo Mode will also be expanded and there will be other features too, but Bethesda is keeping those a secret for now.