Ghostwire Tokyo Update

Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.007 Brings New Photo Mode Features

Just in time for Halloween, the free Ghostwire Tokyo update 1.007 is expanding the game’s photo mode with new features. It includes numerous options for camera perspective, various effects, three new filters, and character placement. There’s even a toggle that will freeze enemies, so you can get the perfect angle on the shot.

List of new Ghostwire Tokyo photo mode features

  • A new shortcut key for Quick Photo Mode (on the PS5 DualSense, it’s a simple press of the right directional button)
  • A toggle for Akito to be in Selfie Mode
  • Three new filters: Blue Monday, Red Moon, and Cinema Projector
  • The ability to freeze characters and Akito, with an option to advance both one frame forward in animation
  • Five options for different times of day
  • Depth of field options, including focal distance and aperture value
  • Camera effects for hue, saturation, brightness, black point, white point, and additional gamma settings
  • Numerous options to change Akito’s position and a toggle to have him look at the camera

As a bonus, all players will receive an Artist’s Suit costume as well as a Perfect Shot emote on October 19 at 11 AM ET / 3pm UTC. For those playing Ghostwire: Tokyo on PC, the update will come with support for Intel’s XeSS AI-enhanced upscaling.