Cryptic Shinji Mikami Tease Stirs Up E3 2019 Speculation for The Evil Within

Might Shinji Mikami step onto Bethesda’s E3 2019 stage to reveal something new in the world of The Evil Within? It’s hard to tell, but certainly seems plausible. At the very least, he’ll attend E3. This is according to Mikami himself, who recently teased his presence at the upcoming event on Twitter.

See Mikami’s post about his “business” at E3 in the tweet below:

Loosely translated, the post from Mikami reads, “Next week E3 business trip.” Of course, this could mean any number of things. Yes, the creator may be preparing to unveil The Evil Within 3. He could also be in attendance for behind-closed-doors discussions, however. Or, Mikami may simply attend E3 to mingle with fellow developers and see how the rest of the industry is faring. Most fans are likely hoping news about his most recent horror franchise is forthcoming, though.

The Evil Within’s last outing, The Evil Within 2, hit store shelves late in 2017. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be too surprising if developer Tango Gameworks was ready to talk about the next entry in the series. Apart from legal matters concerning the selling of the title, The Evil Within 2 has been quiet for well over a year, which is expected of many single-player titles. The sequel did receive one major update months after its release that added a first-person mode, though.

The Evil Within 2 launched in October 2017 to generally favorable reviews. Our review of the horror sequel, which awarded it an 8/10, praised the story and incredibly well-crafted setting. However, criticism about the franchise’s divisive combat mechanics didn’t improve across the two titles. Might this be remedied in a potential third entry?

We’ll know for sure what, if anything, Mikami has planned for E3 2019 in just a few days. Bethesda will host its annual press conference on June 9th, before the event officially kicks off. E3 proper will begin June 11th and end on June 13th.

[Source: Shinji Mikami on Twitter via Prima Games]