NBA Playgrounds Launches on May 9 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC

NBA Playgrounds is releasing on May 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, developer Saber Interactive announced today. A digital-only title, it will cost $19.99 USD.

As you can see in the above gameplay video, NBA Playgrounds includes arcade-style 2-on-2 gameplay and NBA superstars and legends. Here’s the full features list:

  • Up Your Game – Features a progression system to unlock real NBA players. Uncover new moves for each player as you upgrade their experience.
  • Tournaments and Online Play – Play solo, with friends in local and online multiplayer, or against the world in online tournaments.
  • Lottery Pick System – The lottery pick system introduces a new twist to the game by rewarding great play with unique rewards.
  • Massive Roster of NBA Superstars – Current and retired ballers from all the official NBA teams will be available at launch. Hundreds more NBA superstars will be added post-launch.
  • Over-the-Top Moves – Timing is key, whether you’re shooting 3-pointers, pulling off major dunks, showing off your finger-roll game, or defying analytics and winning with long 2-pointers.

NBA Playgrounds will launch with two-player head-to-head online play, and a post-launch update will include four-player support. Polygon adds that Saber Interactive has big plans for post-release content, including roster updates, a dunk contest, and a three-point contest.

There aren’t any micro-transactions in NBA Playgroundsbut if players want the ability to buy card packs, Saber President Matthew Karch says the feature could be added in the future.

[Source: Polygon]