Unannounced PS4 Game That’s You Rated in Brazil

Update: The Australian rating for That’s You confirms Wish Studios as the developer:

Original Story: Discovered by Gematsu, the Brazil Advisory Rating Board has rated Knack 2 and an unannounced title called That’s You for PlayStation 4. Both list Sony Interactive Entertainment as the Producer.

According to the rating, That’s You is a platform/adventure/action game. However, NeoGAF user PhantomThief says That’s You is a quiz game being developed by Wish Studios. PhantomThief adds that you “play the game on your phone and TV screen while doing various challenges or answering questions,” and can you use your phone’s camera to make faces.

It’s worth noting that none of the information for That’s You has been confirmed yet, and Wish Studios’s website only says they’re working on two projects “with a major publishing partner.” It’s also worth noting that Wish’s founders previously worked at Relentless Software, who developed the Buzz! games.

Knack 2, meanwhile, was announced at PSX 2016 for PS4. It will include new moves, improved couch co-op, and more, but a release window wasn’t provided by Sony at the time.

Do you think we’ll see That’s You and Knack 2 during Sony’s E3 press conference on June 12?

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