Dark Rose Valkyrie Opening Movie and Interview System Screenshots Released

Idea Factory has released the opening movie and screenshots from its PlayStation 4 JRPG, Dark Rose Valkyrie, which is due to be released in the West in early June. You can check out the video above and some images and details of the interview system below.

Dark Rose Valkyrie interview 1 Dark Rose Valkyrie interview 2 Dark Rose Valkyrie interview 3 Dark Rose Valkyrie interview 4

In a press release, the developer explained the interview system as follows:

In the interview system, you must get testimony about a character to suss out who is lying about a certain topic. As you question each person about a topic, you can get proof to corroborate or expose their testimony using special interview skills. You are given a set amount of questions you can ask, so you can either choose to ask multiple people one question, or reserve all of your questions for one person.

Once you’ve gathered the information needed, you’ll compile them into a report and declare who you feel is lying (if anyone is). If correct, you’ll get rewards in the form of currency, items, and more!

Dark Rose Valkyrie releases on June 6 in North America and June 9 in Europe.