Dark Rose Valkyrie Limited Edition Announced for the West

Publisher Idea Factory has announced that Dark Rose Valkyrie will be receiving a Limited Edition in the West where it launches on June 6 this year.

The $72.99 package (available here) contains the following goodies alongside a copy of the game:

  • ACID Medal Pin
  • “Anti-Chimera Interception Division Confidential Documents” Art Book
  • Dark Rose Valkyrie™ Soundtrack
  • Reversible Cover Sleeve
  • Collector’s Box

ACID Medal Pin

Crafted in antique bronze, this symbol of the Special Force Valkyrie team comes in a sleek box with protective cushioning. On the back are two lapel pins so you can rest assured this will be as secure as any military headquarters.

“Anti-Chimera Interception Division” Art Book

Review the Special Force Valkyrie team and study the Chimera through the hardcover “Anti-Chimera Interception Division” Art Book! View the background images, rough sketches, and many more! Over 56 pages of knowledge that will be essential in order to battle the looming danger of the Chimera Virus.

Dark Rose Valkyrie Original Soundtrack

Wear your pin, pick your Anti-Chimera Weapon, and get ready to defend the last vestige of humanity with the Dark Rose Valkyrie Soundtrack, featuring 28 tracks of Chimera-busting music!

Tracks: 28

Reversible Cover Sleeve

Split personality or not, flip the cover sleeve and reveal its other side – the original Japanese cover sleeve!

Collector’s Box

Keep your Limited Edition protected from the Chimera Virus with the sturdy Collector’s Box!

Dark Rose Valkyrie is available for the PlayStation 4. Pre-orders will open on May 8 in North America and Europe at 10am PDT and 12pm BST, respectively.