MLB The Show 17 Update 1.06 Fixes Blue Screen Crashes, Other Issues

For the third week in a row, Sony San Diego has released a new patch for MLB The Show 17 on PlayStation 4. This time around, you’ll find fixes for blue screen crashes, adjustments to the Pulse Pitching interface, the removal of the HDR Intensity slider from the options menu, and more.

Here’s everything included with MLB The Show 17 update 1.06 today, which is 600MB:

Offline Gameplay

  • Adjustments made to numerous Matt Vasgersian commentary lines.
  • Hot Zones now correctly appear on the first pitch of an at bat with Quick Counts on.
  • Fixed a warping ball issue following a pickoff attempt.
  • Fixed an issue where the base covering fielder would be facing the wrong direction after a sacrifice fly relayed into 2nd base.
  • Road to the Show no longer displays a “first at-bat” presentation for every at bat of Spring Training.
  • Fixed a rare blue screen crash in Road to the Show when loading into a practice session

Online Gameplay

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to steal with multiple runners on base.
  • Shiny helmets are no longer displayed as Matte helmets in Diamond Dynasty mode.
  • Adjustments made to throw urgency following a back pick to 1st base, with the runner attempting to advance to 2nd base.
  • Item cards will now display an “Events” icon if there is an Event in progress and the player is qualified to participate.
  • Throwing difficulty has now been locked to “All-Star” difficulty in Diamond Dynasty games.
  • Fixed instances in which one user could receive a blue screen crash.

Offline and Online Gameplay

  • Several adjustments made to the Pulse Pitching interface, cleaning up pitch callout location displays.
  • Fixed the way Guess Pitch would give inaccurate results if the other user was using Pulse Pitching.
  • Corrected an issue where the Pitch Analysis would not reset properly during Showtrack presentations.


  • Adjustments made to Fenway Park and Rogers Centre walls and foul poles to prevent hits from being ruled incorrectly.
  • Corrected a Home Run wall distance marker in Old Yankee Stadium.


  • Removed the HDR Intensity slider from the options menu.
  • Various other minor bug fixes and adjustments made throughout the game.

Posting on Reddit, Adam from Sony San Diego asked those experiencing a freeze or soft lock while playing an Online game after the 1.06 patch to do the following: Capture a video using the Share button of the events leading up to the issue, upload the video to YouTube or any other site, and submit a Bug Report on The Show Nation with the video and details on the situation in which the error occurred.

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