Dynasty Warriors 9 is a PS4 Title, New Details Revealed

Omega Force has made good on its promise to share more details on Dynasty Warriors 9 and in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, the developer talked about the game’s open world, new systems, characters, and more.

The upcoming title is releasing for the PlayStation 4, and adds Cheng Pu as one of the new warlords. He brings with him a dual spear weapon. The game’s open world nature gives players access to a variety of attacks, with long distance attacks making a return. We’re told that all characters will be able to use a bow.

Time and weather will change in real-time and affects gameplay. According to a translation be Gematsu, here’s how the game flow works:

Among the missions that appear all over the map, there are also “main missions.” By clearing main missions, history will greatly advance forward, but these missions have a high degree of difficulty. By clearing missions associated with main missions, you can lower the degree of difficulty.

Then there’s a new system called State Combo that allows players to react according to the situation. It starts with a trigger attack, then a series of attacks that can change depending on the enemy’s state, followed by a strong finish attack.

Dynasty Warriors 9 also features Interactive Actions that include grappling hooks to climb mountains.

Finally, we’ve learned that development is 40 percent complete. For more details, head over to the link below.

A release window for the game has yet to be announced. We’ll keep you posted.

[Source: Gematsu]