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warriors orochi 4 bridge melee

Play King of the Hill Musou Style in Warriors Orochi 4’s Bridge Melee

In Bridge Melee, you’ll have to pursue Lu Bu.

dynasty warriors 9 ps4

Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial Lets You Check Out Story Mode

Flex your inner warrior now.

Dynasty Warriors 9 update patch 1.07

Dynasty Warriors 9’s Upcoming DLC and Updates Revealed, Include Online Rankings

DLC includes four new scenarios.

dynasty warriors 9 co-op

Co-op Comes to Dynasty Warriors 9

Open world Musou with a friend.

warriors orochi 4 ps4 review

Warriors Orochi 4 Review – All Hands on Deck (PS4)

Breaking news: Zeus is still a jerk.

warriors orochi 4 Lu Lingqi

Warriors Orochi 4’s Character Ranking Spotlight Continues with Warriors Orochi 4 Lu Lingqi

You probably shouldn’t pursue her either. That’s a wacky spear.

warriors orochi 4 kyubi

Koei Tecmo’s Warriors Orochi 4 Character Rankings Start With Kyubi

Kyubi doesn’t have to worry much about standing out.

Warriors Orochi 4 online multiplayer

Get a Glimpse of Warriors Orochi 4 Online Multiplayer

Anyone else want to play as the guy who attacks using a boat?

warriors orochi 4 guinness world record

Warriors Orochi 4 Won a Guinness World Record

Gotta respect this kind of hustle.

warriors orochi 4 trailer

Musou Gets Godly in Latest Warriors Orochi 4 ‘Deification’ Trailer

Mythology and Musou is something I didn’t know I needed until it was dropped in front of me.

New Warriors Orochi 4 Greek Characters

Three More Deities Join Warriors Orochi 4’s Cast

Some new God characters coming your way.

warriors orochi 4 bonus

Warriors Orochi 4 Save Data Import Bonuses Revealed

Get Stock EXP and costumes!

Warriors Orochi 4 Gameplay

Warriors Orochi 4 Gameplay Footage Shows New Character Athena

The East somehow found its way to Greece. Or maybe the other way around.

Attack On Titan 2 Update

Attack on Titan 2 Free Update Celebrates Season 3 of Anime

From revamped characters to new faces.

Dynasty Warriors 9 patch notes update 1.10 - Xiahou Ba

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets Updated Again to Version 1.10

They’ve come this far.

Warriors Orochi 4 live stream - Zhao Yun and Sanada Yukimura

Warriors Orochi 4 Will Have Its First Japanese Live Stream on June 9

A new character reveal is being teased!

Dynasty Warriors 9 update patch 1.09

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets a New Title Update Patch to Version 1.09

The weapon DLC pack is also out today.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Wang Yi with Emei Piercers DLC

Wang Yi Gets to Use Her Emei Piercers Again in This Dynasty Warriors 9 DLC Trailer

Quick and deadly.

Attack on Titan 2 Decisive Battle Mode

Attack on Titan 2 Gets a New Decisive Battle Mode With the Latest Update Patch

Time to settle things once and for all!