EA ending support for Wild Hearts

EA Reportedly Ending Support for Wild Hearts

EA may soon end support for Wild Hearts if a recent leak is accurate. Developed by Dynasty Warriors studio Omega Force, the fantasy action RPG launched in February. However, despite mostly favorable reviews, it doesn’t seem to have met sales targets, with EA ending support after only seven months.

Wild Hearts losing support soon

The leak comes from a Reddit user called BeardyShaman, who is also a moderator on the Wild Hearts Discord. According to their sources, EA plans to announce the end of support soon, though they didn’t say exactly when. They also could not say where they got the information from to protect the identity of the leakers.

The game does not require players to have an internet connection, so it will still be playable after support ends. There is also no indication that EA is shutting down the game’s multiplayer servers. However, Wild Hearts will not receive any further DLC or patches, and prospects of a sequel seem unlikely.  

While Wild Hearts was not the biggest success, it was far from a colossal failure. The game received mostly positive reception from critics, with Metacritic scores in the high 70s. Critics praised the game’s building mechanics, feudal Japanese-inspired world, orchestral score, and monster design. The PS5 version of Wild Hearts was also the second best-selling game in Japan on the week of its release.

Of course, EA’s decision isn’t entirely surprising, given recent developments at the company. EA subsidiary BioWare announced major layoffs last month, ostensibly as part of an internal reorganization. However, some believe it was motivated by EA’s desire to recoup losses from Apex Legends’ underperformance. If EA is determined to cut costs, that could explain why the publisher is cutting Wild Hearts off so early.