Shadow Warrior 2 Releases on May 19 for PS4, Includes Shadow Warrior

You won’t have to wait much longer for Shadow Warrior 2, as developer Flying Wild Hog has announced that it’s releasing digitally on Friday, May 19 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At least on PS4, buying Shadow Warrior 2 nets you a free copy of Shadow Warrior.

Pricing details for Shadow Warrior 2 weren’t given today, and Flying Wild Hog didn’t say if there would also be a physical release.

Shadow Warrior 2 mixes together fast-paced gunplay and melee combat, and Community Manager Tadek Zielinski explained how the team spent a lot of time making sure it handled properly on PS4:

Getting this “ninja feel” was extremely important to our team during development of Shadow Warrior 2 on PS4 and we spent a lot of time testing how switching from ranged gunplay to close quarters melee combat felt on DualShock 4. It was crucial that players be able to both aim and fire their ranged weapons at a distance and then seamlessly (and quickly) switch to melee weapons to perform brutal slashes and devastating combos at close range.

The team took great care in putting together a weapons selection configuration that took advantage of the DualShock 4’s features to keep the player in control and have all weapons at their disposal easily. The dual thumbsticks, touch pad, and directional pad can all be used in different ways to equip, charge, and execute attacks so that players really get that ninja feel while traversing the levels.

Shadow Warrior 2’s campaign is non-linear and lets you “accomplish some key missions in a specific order while veering off into side missions to collect new weapons and items while leveling up their persistent character.” If you don’t want to play by yourself, Shadow Warrior 2 supports online co-op for you and three friends.

As previously announced, Shadow Warrior 2 on consoles will include all current PC DLC.

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