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NBCUniversal to Expand Strategic Focus on Games and Self-Publish Titles

Media conglomerate NBCUniversal has announced today that it’s expanding its strategic focus on games and will begin self-publishing own titles.

In a press release, the company revealed that while its initial focus is on the mobile market, the long-term vision is to expand to “other platforms” including VR.

“Games have become mainstream entertainment, reaching broad, global audiences and are quickly growing as a place consumers spend their time,” noted Executive Vice President of Games and Digital Platforms, Chris Heatherly. “As one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, we believe we must have a strong direct presence in gaming.”

Newly appointed executives include James Molinets, whose past work includes third-party development at Disney and overseeing second-party development for Sony. He will now serve NBCUniversal as Senior Vice President of Production.

Universal’s IPs appear on multiple platforms including consoles and PC, and the company intends to continue licensing them alongside its new publishing strategy.