Raiders of the Broken Planet Gets First Dev Diary, Features the Antagonist

In a press release, MercurySteam has fired off the first developer diary for the third-person shooter, Raiders of the Broken Planet. In case you didn’t know, Raiders has a different approach to the standard shooter, and it’s with the game’s “4 divided by 1” asymmetrical shooter.

While playing co-operatively, players run the risk of having an Antagonist join their game, to stop them from achieving their objective. The Antagonist can select any character from theRaiders roster and is able to see which characters the Raiders team selects. This gives the Antagonist the opportunity to pick a character whose strengths and weaknesses are tailored towards the opposition. Combined with the shifting objectives, complex enemy AI and dynamic  characters, the Antagonist is another element that makes the outcome of matches impossible to predict as both sides do everything they can to win.

If you liked the trailer, go check out our Raiders of the Broken Planet beta impressions to see how the game is shaping up so far.