The Voice Behind Metal Gear Solid V’s Quiet Joins Spacelords as Its Newest Playable Character

Spacelords just announced its newest playable character, and she may sound familiar to Metal Gear Solid fans. MercurySteam has announced that Stefanie Joosten will be voicing Sööma, a kind soul who finds herself questioning her beliefs. She’ll be available to play sometime in early 2019.

Fans of Metal Gear Solid may recognize Joosten as the voice of Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V (during the few times Quiet does speak). Joosten recorded a message to fans talking about the “huge honor” of voicing Sööma. You can watch it right here:

As for the character she’s portraying, Sööma journeys to the Broken Planet at the center of Spacelord’s conflict as a rite of passage. She is a member of a cult “devoted to helping those who suffer from pain and oppression.” As part of a test to join its upper ranks, Sööma finds herself at the war-torn planet. However, once there, the horrors she encounters causes a crisis of faith.

Sööma is the latest new face to join the free-to-play Spacelords. Originally launching as Raiders of the Broken Planet, MercuryStream completely revamped its game to make it free-to-play. As part of the transformation, new playable characters, like the fearsome Valeria Robespierre, have been introduced.

Spacelords is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Does this new character intrigue you? Let us know!