Housemarque Could Be Changing Directions After Nex Machina

Housemarque, the indie development studio best known for top-down shooters such as Super Stardust HD, Resogun, and Alienation, might be changing things up after the release of their latest title Nex Machina next month.

Speaking to Games Industry, Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen expressed how expanding their releases to beyond the PlayStation platform has shown them some of the difficulties and challenges of the industry, which has led them to consider making a change in direction for their upcoming games.

The next games that we are working on are not really that kind of game. It’s going to be something different from us, after the games we’re getting out now… In general terms, the problem might be that the bigger audience might be expecting something else than a top-down or side-scrolling game – let’s put it that way.

Most of our games have been exclusive to various PlayStation platforms – not all of them, but most. But we can see the need to diversify, and I wonder if there is still breathing space for the games that we do. Basically, you can ask, ‘Is Nex Machina the last of its kind?

The funny part is that we’re gonna have a documentary about all of this, coming out later this year. But that’s another thing, and besides, we don’t know how the story ends yet.

The company has yet to announce any other new titles beyond Nex Machina or what a change in direction would actually mean for the studio and its employees. It will probably depend on how well Nex Machina, which is the company’s first self-published title, does when it finally comes out next month.

[Source: Games Industry]