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Writer Addresses Reports of Next Dragon Age Game Being In Development

Yesterday, Eurogamer published a lengthy interview with writer Alexis Kennedy who signed up for a new BioWare project last September. The article revolves around him writing the next Dragon Age, which wasn’t exactly a shocking revelation given all the reports and hints that have been dropped so far, but it looks like people jumped the gun a little bit.

As soon as publications and readers started assuming that the next Dragon Age has officially been confirmed, Kennedy took to Twitter with the following clarification:

Ware EA ninjas! All I’ve said is that it’s something in the DA franchise. It could be a spin-off or late DLC or a dragon breeding program..

Creative Director Mike Laidlaw added:

Lot of assumptions being made, but Alexis makes a very important clarification!

In other words, don’t assume anything. We’ll keep our readers posted if an official announcement is made.

[Source: Alexis Kennedy, Mike Laidlaw (Twitter)]