Friday the 13th: The Game Servers Back Online, PS4 & Xbox One Still Experiencing Matchmaking Issues

After taking the Friday the 13th: The Game servers offline for a few hours of maintenance earlier today, Gun Media and Illfonic have announced that the game is back online. However, while the maintenance fixed database login failure issues, matchmaking on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is still having problems.

As the developers explained in a new Facebook post, console players should try private matches until the matchmaking issues are sorted out:

You should no longer see the database login failure, you should see your stats set to where they need to be from gameplay with unlocks and perks and you should able to work with your account as normal.

Bear in mind; this will not affect matchmaking issues that are still present on Xbox One and PS4. This is mainly to remove the server issues for accounts still being locked out and seeing their stats/unlocks not displaying/unlocking correctly.

We hope this is a step in the right direction and are confident in things working well, but please bear with us. We’re working hard at it! Apologies for the inconvenience, but this should stabilize things for users. Our next big goal is matchmaking for PS4 and Xbox One!

For those on consoles; we recommend private games for now; The Xbox One and PS4 both have communities that are playing around the clock. We will get quick play games going just as soon as we’re able, talking to both Sony and Microsoft now on resolving the matchmaking issues.

Addressing why there have been server issues since launch on Friday, the developers revealed that they prepared their database to handle 30,000 concurrent players (they took PC pre-order/backer numbers and tripled it for all three platforms, then added a cushion). However, within just the first 20 minutes of going live, there were 75,000 players.

“We immediately started spinning up new database servers to meet demand,” they added. “But in the process, the original database started getting damaged nodes due to the influx of players. We were moving just as fast as we could to meet the demand. But it wasn’t fast enough.”

Friday the 13th: The Game is set to receive single-player and bots in the summer for free, and the developers teased that “we got other ideas, too.”

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