Friday The 13th The Game

Friday The 13th Game Unlocking Almost Everything Ahead of Delisting

Illfonic and Gun Media have announced that all Friday The 13th: The Game players will find their stats maxed out and almost everything unlocked in the game ahead of its delisting. In June, the companies announced that their license for the game is set to expire in December 2023, following which Friday The 13th will be pulled from sale both physically and digitally.

List of content being unlocked in Friday The 13th: The Game

Tomorrow, July 6, Friday The 13th will receive its final update. Here’s what players can expect:

  • 30 legendary perks
    • Awarded to all
    • Most popular perks
    • No negative effects
    • All best roll possible
  • All players: level 150
  • All kills unlocked*
  • All challenge skulls unlocked
  • No XP/CP earned
  • No matchmaking functionality lost

*does not include DLC kills

Those who want DLC kills will have to purchase the content. Both the base game and DLC are now permanently discounted until they’re delisted. Players can pick up Friday The 13th for $4.99 and its DLC for 99p a piece.

As for what happens after Friday The 13th is delisted, the game will continue to operate until at least December 31, 2024. Meanwhile, there’s a new Friday The 13th game in development.