The Surge Update Fixes Major Game Progression Issues, Among Others Fixes

The latest update for The Surge, which was released today on the PS4, has fixed two major problems in the game that prevented players from progressing further into it.

The fixes involve two areas in the game – one in which lab doors become permanently closed if the player dies in the area after the doors while the other prevents players from breaking a glass case to claim a security exo-rig.

The fix not only prevents the issues from occurring but also fixes the issue for players who’s saves are already “broken,” allowing them to just apply the update and continue their gameplay where they left off.

The update also fixes several other issues in the game including expanding the variety of attacks the players can block, minimizing the number of unblockable attacks that need to be dodged. The update has also removed an exploit which allowed players to collect unlimited tech scrap. A full list of changes for the game’s PS4 version should be available soon.

The Surge was originally released for the PS4 on May 16, 2017, and was met with generally positive reviews. Check out review here.

[Source: The Surge (Twitter)]