God of War e3 2017

A Giant God of War Ad is Going Up in Los Angeles Ahead of E3 2017

A giant advertisement for God of War is currently going up smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles. A picture of the currently unfinished ad went up on NeoGAF this morning. It shows the PS4 branding that Sony uses on retail boxes, and the unforgettable logo of Sony Santa Monica’s signature franchise. Expect to see plenty of additional photos of the advertisement as it gets worked on in the upcoming days.

As VideoGamer correctly points out, this is the same building that Sony put an equally large Horizon Zero Dawn poster during E3 2016. With no release date yet given, this may point to God of War being an early 2018 release similar to how Guerrilla’s open-world title released in February this year. That early release has paid off for Horizon, as it’s topped over 2.5 million copies sold, so Sony might want to continue that big early year push in the future.

Such an early 2018 release wouldn’t come as a total shock, as a German retailer listed the upcoming PS4 exclusive with a January 18 release date earlier this year. That date seemed like a placeholder at the time, but we’re seeing bigger games (such as Resident Evil VII and Gravity Rush 2) release earlier in the year. Either way, we’ll know the official release date sooner rather than later since E3 is right around the corner. Sony is going to have plenty of announcements to make during their press conference, and it’s already looking to be a very exciting year for PlayStation gamers.

If there does end up being a major God of War E3 2017 announcement, what would you like to see?

(Source: NeoGAF, VideoGamer)