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Devolver Digital Cancels Public Portion of E3 Event as the Studio Was Denied Necessary Permit

Back in May, Devolver Digital announced that it would be welcoming all E3 2017 attendees, including its fans who were able to purchase tickets for the first time, to its Indie Picnic. Unfortunately, the company has had to cancel its plans as it was denied necessary permits to host the public.

In a post on its website, Devolver expressed severe disappointment, especially because it specifically leased additional space for its fans. “Opening up more space for the public to experience a unique and memorable celebration of games was something we very much wanted to do for fans who, like us, love video games,” reads the post.

Fans at home can still watch the show via the Devolver Public Access livestream, though this isn’t much of a consolation for those who are actually attending E3 and planned to check out the Indie Picnic.

E3 2017 press conferences kick off next weekend so check back for our live coverage.

[Source: Devolver Digital]