Tekken 7 Online Issues Being Investigated

The launch and reception of Tekken 7 has been good so far (read our review here) but several of the game’s players have reported issues with online matchmaking, making it difficult to get matches with other players in Ranked Match mode.

The Tekken development team have responded to the complaints, on the official Tekken website, saying that the issue is currently being investigated and that they plan to address the problem through an upcoming online update which will modify matchmaking settings to make it easier to find matches.

The team also announced that the update will also hide the player and opponent characters when searching for a match in the Ranked Match mode.

While they didn’t announce an estimated release date for the update, the full details as well as the release date for the fix will be posted on the official Tekken site, so we’ll just have to watch out for that.

[Source: Tekken Official Website (EU)]