Square Enix Bringing Black: The Fall to PS4 Next Month

Square Enix announced today that they’ll be publishing Sand Sailor Studio’s Black: The Fall for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The atmospheric puzzle game has been compared to Playdead’s INSIDE, and will release July 11 digitally. The game is set in a dystopian future, where players are tasked with outsmarting the system and taking down the hostile government.

The game’s official website breaks the gameplay into three categories: Manipulate, Outsmart, and Uprise.

  • Manipulate – Get hold of a designator to control the other workers, machines and friendly factory creatures. This will prove crucial in your quest.
  • Outsmart – Use logic, acuity and the laws of physics to figure out how to move through the hostile environment, deceive guardians and find your way out, while staying safe.
  • Uprise – Remember who you are and fight for your beliefs. Liberate yourself from any system that hinders your humanity. Take advantage of that open door and start your odyssey.

Check out the release date trailer for Black: The Fall below:

Black: The Fall is part of Square Enix’s Collective project, which helps curate indie games. The original pitch for the game can be found here. This is how Sand Sailor Studio described the story:

You find yourself in a world of secrets and decadence. Amnesic and unaware of circumstances which brought you into this place, you begin your journey which should reveal the mystery. Moving through a peculiar world you’ll have to kill in order to survive, to solve different puzzles and to learn when to be brave and when to hide.

Players will get to check out the dystopian puzzle-platformer, Black: The Fall, when it releases July 11 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

(Source: Square Enix Collective)