Report: Assassin’s Creed Origins Release Date & Info Revealed Via Game Informer’s July Issue

Since May 6, we’ve published at least six stories on Ubisoft’s long-rumored Assassin’s Creed Origins – all of which contain leaks from various corners of the internet. None of them mentioned the release date, however, but a leaked copy of Game Informer’s July issue, which features Origins on the cover, has not only revealed the date but also tons of other information about the game itself.

Brace yourselves.

Apparently, Origins is out on October 27 and the protagonist’s name has been confirmed as Bayek. Reddit and NeoGAF users who’ve compiled the information from the magazine have also added images for your viewing pleasure here but if you want a summary of what the article contains then read the highlights below courtesy of Reddit user gunjoesmithy:

  • More dynamic world
  • NPCs adapt to day/night cycle
  • No sprint button, running speed is dependent on how far you push the left analog stick
  • No radar, game uses Skyrim-esque compass
  • Almost everything is climable and parkour is even more fluid
  • Smarter AI, multiple guards will charge at you
  • More than one playable character, Ubisoft is keeping this a secret for now
  • Camel riding
  • Underwater swimming, treasures and sunken ruins to explore
  • Animals can attack NPCs and even other animals
  • More RPG-centric for skill points; level cap at 40
  • Bayek can use his shield to deflect arrows, and can pick up enemy arrows stuck to his shield
  • Tomb raiding
  • Optimized on Xbox Scorpio

If you want more info, then check out NeoGAF user Sn4ke_911’s post here but proceed at your own risk because you might end up spoiling the game for yourself.

Ubisoft’s E3 conference is on June 12. Stay tuned because we’re pretty sure we’ll get to see some gameplay during the event.

[Source: Reddit, NeoGAF]