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PlayStation Working With Technicolor on Sly Cooper TV Series

Sly Cooper is back! But not in the way you might have wanted. Paris-based Technicolor Animation Productions have partnered with Sony Interactive Entertainment to produce a CG animated television series starring Sly.

As a big fan of the Sly Cooper franchise, we are thrilled to embark on this new adventure with PlayStation. Sly Cooper’s colorful characters and rich storylines are a perfect fit for television. There is no doubt that teenagers will be happy to rediscover their beloved game as a series, while younger kids will be charmed by the debonair raccoon and his exciting universe.

– Sandrine Nguyen, Managing Director, Technicolor Animation Productions

Capturing the hearts of gamers everywhere when it debuted on PlayStation 2 15 years ago, Sly Cooper is one of PlayStation’s most iconic franchises. We are thrilled to be working with Technicolor Animation and PGS to bring Sly and the gang to life on the small screen for a whole new generation of fans to enjoy.

– Asad Qizilbash, Senior Director, First Party Games Marketing

The last Sly Cooper game released on PlayStation platforms was “Thieves in Time” which was released in 2013. Unfortunately, the developer of that game, Sanzaru Games, has no plans to make another one (mentioned way back in 2014). We still have a soft spot for Sly, Bentley, etc., as we even included the franchise in our E3 2017 comeback feature. Hey, one can dream, right?

[Source: GamesIndustry]