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E3 2017 – Hideo Kojima to Metal Gear Solid Movie Director: “Betray Your Audience”

Death Stranding Director Hideo Kojima sat down with the director of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie Jordan Vogt-Roberts at the YouTube E3 Coliseum to talk about, among other things, the important of cinema and the influence it made in Kojima’s life and work. At the end of the interview, Vogt-Roberts asked Kojima for advice on how he should interpret the Metal Gear Solid movie:

As I now go and interpret your myths, as I embark on making a Metal Gear Solid movie, what would you say to me?

Kojima’s response to Vogt-Robert’s appeal is simple yet speaks volumes:

Do the same thing as me. Betray your audience.

His response may seem cryptic but Kojima’s response merely says to never concede to simply giving what the audience expects or wants and prioritize your creative vision, something that Kojima has been known to do throughout his work in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Hopefully Vogt-Roberts, who is admittedly a big fan of Kojima, takes the advice to heart.

[Source: Gameslice (YouTube Live at E3) via Metal Gear Informer]