Naughty Dog: “Everybody’s Rolling Onto The Last of Us Part II” After The Lost Legacy Is Done

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases on August 22 for PlayStation 4 and Naughty Dog has revealed that, once development is complete, everyone will move over to work on The Last of Us Part II.

Speaking with Metro, The Lost Legacy Co-Writer Josh Scherr confirmed that the upcoming title is a “little bit more grounded” than past installments and, while the Tusk of Ganesh is imaginary, the Hoysala Empire that created it is real. Asked if this sense of realism is going to continue in future Uncharted games, provided there are more, Scherr revealed that The Last of Us Part II is going to be the focus for the company next:

Never say never. Right now we’re focused on getting this out the door. And after this is done everybody’s rolling onto The Last Of Us Part II. Who knows what the future holds. We love Uncharted, we’ve got a large fanbase, and the fun thing about this genre is that we have always hinted at a larger world out there beyond the confines of the games you play.

And this is sort of like a little exploration of that. And who knows, maybe some years from now we’ll revisit it, but right now we’re just focusing on getting this done and then The Last Of Us. [laughs]

Elsewhere in the interview, Scherr said all of the assets in The Lost Legacy are brand new and, when it comes to the graphics, they’ve “made some slight incremental improvements to a few things, but nothing that would be substantially noticeable. We just have some really talented people doing all that texturing and lighting and modelling.”

Meanwhile, Game Director Kurt Margenau spoke with GameSpot, explaining that you only play as Chloe in The Lost Legacy:

Yes, you play only as Chloe. It’s her story and Nadine is her accomplice in some sorts of way, the way we tried before with Nate and Sam. It’s that dynamic. But you are going to learn a lot about Nadine too. For us, it’s easier to tell a story by just focusing on one character and to have an ally character. In this case, Nadine is filling in and bouncing off our main hero.

Margenau also revealed that they have “more puzzles per pound in The Lost Legacy than we had in the past.”

The Last of Us Part II was announced at PSX 2016. At that time, Naughty Dog said release was a ways off.

[Source: Metro, GameSpot via WCCFTech]