Playing Gran Turismo Sport in VR Won’t Make You Sick “As Long as You Keep the Car Under Control”

At a pre-E3 event, GamesBeat was able to play Gran Turismo Sport in virtual reality – and they experienced a “blurry, unrefined mess,” from a visual standpoint. They also caught up with Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi, where he admitted that he was hoping VR would be more powerful today than it is:

The first head-mounted display was created before I was born, around 196. I’ve been waiting for more than 50 years. After all that time, I’d hoped it would be something more incredible than it is today. But we’ve done the best we can with what’s currently available.

If you’re planning on playing Gran Turismo Sport with a PlayStation VR headset, Yamauchi says you won’t get sick – as long as you keep the car under control:

If you’re driving carefully, staying on the track, driving as you’re intended to, you won’t get sick. As long as you keep the car under control, you’re fine. But if you run off the track or spin out, you’ll get sick. It’s the same as in a real car. You can’t avoid it.

Yamauchi also talked about how Sport “actually has more features than any Gran Turismo title to date,” you’ll get a little reward each day for driving a certain distance, and there’s 200 people working on the new game.

Gran Turismo Sport releases in fall 2017 for PlayStation 4. A listing from the Official PlayStation Magazine said it would be out on November 16, but they’ve since clarified that that was a misprint.

[Source: GamesBeat, OPM]