New Nex Machina Update Available Now, Fixes Crashes

Showing that the development cycle never truly stops, Housemarque has released yet another patch for their twin-stick shooter Nex Machina. For those counting, that’s the third patch since the game released last week. Version 1.03 of the game doesn’t add much, but it will fix an issue that has been bothering some players. Those playing on Master difficulty had been running into an occasional crashing issue while playing one of the game’s boss battles, but that has now been fixed.

Here are the full patch notes so far:

Version 1.03

  • Fixed crash with Master difficulty during the boss battle

Version 1.02

  • Gameplay balancing
  • Audio balancing

Version 1.01

  • Gameplay tweaking
  • Gameplay balancing
  • Localization fixes for game menus
  • Localization fixes for trophies

On top of the latest update, Housemarque also released a snippet of a documentary they had filmed about the three year development cycle of Nex Machina. Check out the 17-minute featurette of the upcoming The Name of the Game documentary below:

In PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of Nex Machina, reviewer Tyler Treese (that’s me!) said that “as someone who spent way too many quarters as a kid trying to top the high scores of others, I’m glad I don’t have to constantly put money into Nex Machina. Eugene Jarvis and Housemarque have come together to create one of the best playing twin-stick shooters ever made. While I do wish there was more content (I can only hope this gets the same amount of support as Resogun did) , there are enough difficulties that I’ll still be learning the intricacies for several months to come.” The self-published title received a score of 8.5 and an Editor’s Choice distinction.

(Source: Housemarque)