Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Is “the Sum of All Uncharteds” With an Enhanced Sense of Exploration

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is Naughty Dog’s first standalone expansion for the franchise and it’s pulling all the stops to ensure that players experience an adventure unlike any other. We spoke to Creative Director Shaun Escayg at E3 2017, who told us that The Lost Legacy will be “the sum of all Uncharteds” with an enhanced sense of discovery, exploration and adventure.

I would say this is the sum of all Uncharteds. Everything you have loved about it. We’ve scaled the proportions of it back to some of the original Uncharteds, where they are epic as you saw, you know these Ganesh archaeological sites of the Hoysala Empire. We’ve gone into more of the discovery, more of the adventure, I would say more set pieces even.

Escayg added that while the expansion will have some familiarity, Naughty Dog has introduced some new things, which the developer seems to be keeping under wraps for now. “I’ll leave that to when you play it,” he teased.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases on August 22. We’ll publish the full interview soon so stay tuned.