This New $1 PS4 Game Promises The World’s Fastest Platinum Trophy Unlock

In North America yesterday, a new game called ★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated launched for PlayStation 4, priced at $0.98 USD (the regular price is $2.99 USD, but it’s on sale until September 26). The official description then claims that it has the world’s fastest Platinum Trophy unlock:

How would you like to win a platinum trophy in just one hour? How’s the idea of 1000 4k images grab ya? Art thou ready to platinum up? ★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated – the world’s fastest platinum trophy game.

As Exophase shows, ★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated includes 22 Trophies in total: 1 Platinum, 7 Gold, and 14 Silver. To unlock 10 Silver Trophies, you just have to start 10 puzzles, and most of the other Trophies are simply unlocked by finishing puzzles.

According to the Trophy Guide on PlayStation Trophies, getting the Platinum requires less than 20 minutes and there are three missable Trophies if you aren’t careful: “First Break, Close One, and Record Hunter are missable if you somehow get amazing, unbeatable times for all the puzzle difficulties on the first try.” First Break and Record Hunter ask you to improve your best time, while Close One asks you to improve your best result by one or less second.

PlayStation Trophies adds that ★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated is “a slide puzzle game with 1,000 stock images that are randomly cycled through. That’s literally it.”

The file size for ★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated is over 1.1GB.

Do you think Sony should be granting Platinum Trophies to games like these?

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