Sony Updates the PS4 TV & Video Experience in Europe With a New Look

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe has announced that a newly updated TV & video experience is now available on PlayStation 4. With it, Sony says, you’ll be able to easily find your favorite video content, whether that’s movies, TV, live sports, or gaming clips.

“The new TV & Video experience will help you find your favourites and discover new and exciting content from the PS4 streaming video services, all in one location,” they add. “Instead of jumping in and out of all your different apps, find the best video on PS4 from one convenient spot.”

Currently, the refresh is only available in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

You can learn more about the PS4’s entertainment options over here.

Despite the perceived improvements, the comments section of the PlayStation Blog post is filled with complaints from users about the load times and ads:

  • “Who asked for this? They page is now mainly ads, and the icon looks terrible if you’re using a custom theme.”
  • “Terrible design. I prefered the actual app boxes rather than the blatant advertising for Stan and Foxtel. Terrible design and a backwards step for the menu.”
  • “Way more inconvenient now than before (to reach e.g. the YouTube app), even the loading time is worse than before. This update belongs into the category, ‘Things the world doesn’t need’. Do something useful with your resources, and e.g. make the media player H265 compatible.”
  • “No no no no no! The in the last menu, the apps I owned and wanted were randomly moved around and pushed away by apps I didn’t want, and now you do the same, and at the same time squeeze everything at the top of the window, while the rest of the screen is for ads?!”

For those who have tried it, what do you think of the new TV & Video experience?

[Source: PlayStation Blog, PlayStation]