Call of Duty Double XP for Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3, MWR Switched on Right in Time for Independence Day

To celebrate Independence Day, Activision wants you to hop online and frag online opponents until your thumbs bleed as it has turned on the switch for some sweet Call of Duty double XP!

Not only is that double XP switch on for the latest Call of Duty, which is Infinite Warfare, but even Black Ops 3 is getting some double XP love, too! And in case you’d rather play some old-school action, Modern Warfare Remastered is also getting some double XP! For Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare, it’s “quad feed” time and not just double XP,. This means you get twice as many crypto keys and loot drops!

If that wasn’t enough, new summer-themed items will also be available Infinite Warfare and there will be no dupes!

What better way to spend Independence Day than shooting up your online enemies, right? Go get your soda and snacks and prepare to marathon some Call of Duty!

[Source: Call of Duty (Twitter)]