New Smashbox Arena Trailers Showcase Characters, Powerups, and Maps

Smashbox Arena brings players into a new VR experience that developers Archiact VR and Big Box VR have called “Dodgeball on steroids” and three new trailers for the game have been released to showcase the game’s characters, powerups, and maps.

The trailers are part of a series of videos from the developers called “Enter the Arena” with each covering an aspect of the game. We’ve embedded the videos below and added their descriptions:

“The sharpshooters of Balltropolis are a curious crew: meet them all in this episode of Enter The Arena! Unlock all 13 characters, and pick your fave. Whether you play as Poppy the time-traveling pear, one of the mysterious mechanical Pups, or a punk-rock badger, you’re sure to stand out!”

“For beginner and expert players alike, the key to the game is Power-Ups! In this episode of Enter The Arena, get up close and personal with each of the six Power-Ups and discover what makes them unique. (And scary.) Fireball or Grenade, Missile or Boulder, decisions decisions…”

“In this episode of Enter The Arena, dive into the world of Balltropolis and its many maps. From the calm forests of Outpost to the beautiful vaccuum of Space Arena, there are 7 maps to play and countless nooks and crannies to explore. Ambush, anyone?”

Smashbox Arena is scheduled for release on July 25, 2017, for the PSVR on the PS4.