Smashbox Arena Is a Team-Based Multiplayer VR Shooter Coming to PSVR This Summer

Already available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, first-person multiplayer VR shooter Smashbox Arena is coming to PlayStation VR in summer 2017, developers BigBox VR and Archiact announced today.

Putting you in a virtual arena “where explosive power-ups rule the battlefield and team-based strategy reigns supreme,” Smashbox Arena lets you play solo, in a party with friends, or online against people from around the world.

The description adds that the single-player story includes three difficulty levels, there’s six unique power-ups, and a Platinum Trophy to unlock:

An action-packed multiplayer VR game, Smashbox Arena throws players into a shootout battle of team versus team, power-up versus power-up. Combatants can play single-player, party up with their friends, or face off against opponents across the globe. Dive into cover, dodge and volley enemy shots, then strike back with insane power-up combos. Designed from ground up for VR, this competitive team shooter offers a 360 degree world full of stylish art, hilarious characters, and a range of wild physics-driven power-ups to crush the competition with. Ready, set, Smash!


  • Single-Player Story – Three levels of difficulty to beat in Story Mode. Conquer them all to unlock new characters.
  • You vs. The Globe – Match up with friends and competitors from around the world with online multiplayer. Work together, watch each other’s backs, and become your team’s MVP.
  • Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master – 3v3 multiplayer action where sharpshooting and battle strategy reign supreme.
  • Return To Sender! – Duck, block and catch enemy projectiles…then fire them right back.
  • Insane Physics-Driven Power-Ups – Crush the competition with six unique power-ups. Get creative with your power-ups for unpredictable combos and hilarity!
  • Get Social – Communicate with competitors and teammates using voice chat, and break out your sweetest victory dance when your crew comes out on top!
  • Can You Go Platinum? – With all new Trophies for PS4, it’s time to add another Platinum Trophy to your collection.

A price for Smashbox Arena on PSVR wasn’t given, but it’s $19.99 USD on Steam.

[Source: PlayStation, PlayStation Blog]