Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Online Beta Starts Next Week, Features Two Teams

While it’s been known for a while that Konami was planning to do an open online beta for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, we finally have some details ironed out. The Japanese publisher announced today on Twitter that the beta will begin on July 20. Players will be able to play as two squads, the national teams of Brazil and France, and will be able to test the online play until July 31.

Any PS4 owner can check out the open beta, as PlayStation Plus is not required to play. The online beta will feature two different modes: the traditional one-on-one online play, and the new three-on-three cooperative online experience. All of this action will go down in the Neu Sonne Arena.

Check out the official announcement below:

Here’s what we had to say in our E3 2017 preview of Konami’s upcoming soccer game:

Konami isn’t content with Pro Evolution Soccer merely being great. They’re looking to make PES into a FIFA competitor, and to do that they’ll have to offer up a number of great modes. They seem to be on the right track, even if topping FIFA will take years if not decades to do, and fans will ultimately be the victors of both franchises being competitive.

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 open online beta begins July 20 and will run until the end of the month. Players will be able to check out the games regular multiplayer and cooperative play while playing as Brazil and France. The full game launches September 12 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and last-gen consoles.

(Source: Pro Evolution Soccer Twitter)