By The Numbers: PlayStation LifeStyle’s Highest Scored Games (Part One)

Update: Due to Metacritic not grabbing the dates for our early reviews, we initially didn’t include our first five 10/10 scores, with the first being God of War III. Article has been updated to reflect that.

PlayStation LifeStyle has been around for nearly 10 years, and I figured a fun way to kickoff our new statistical-driven feature By the Numbers would be to take a look at some of the lowest scores we’ve handed out to games over the years. Some readers asked to see the highest reviewed games, and there ended up being a lot more games that got awarded a 10 than a 1. Due to that, I’m separating this feature into a few parts.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s first 10 wasn’t awarded until 2010 (that’s nearly two years after the site started), but the site made up for lost time as six additional games received the honor that year. 2011 upped the ante even further, as eight games managed to receive the honor.

With that said, check out the first 16 games that were able to capture the reviewers’ hearts and have PlayStation LifeStyle give them a 10/10 rating below:

I’ve included the reviews for each game in the slideshow above. So, if you want to learn why each game earned their 10/10 rating then read the full text. As the great Dave Meltzer often says, “reading is your friend.”

Let us know what you think were the 2010 and 2011 best games in the comments below!

By the Numbers is a new weekly recurring feature that’ll look at gaming from a numbers-oriented view. Next week we’ll be back with the second of three parts taking a look at some of the site’s highest rated games.

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