By The Numbers: PlayStation LifeStyle’s Lowest Scored Games

PlayStation LifeStyle has been around for nearly 10 years, and I figured a fun way to kickoff our new statistical-driven feature By the Numbers would be to take a look at some of the lowest scores we’ve handed out to games over the years. While it’s not often that a console or handheld release is so bad that it deserves a 1/10, it does happen occasionally. We’ve only handed out a total of nine of these ratings since 2008, which means that we’re averaging one 1/10 per year.

Despite that average, a 1/10 score hasn’t been handed out in the past few years. We’ve handed out some 3s, and even a 2, but the elusive 1/10 rating has eluded us. There’s a number of reasons why that hasn’t happened (we haven’t reviewed a lot of the truly awful PlayStation Store releases that nobody has heard of and the typical game is pretty darn decent in 2017), but I’m sure another game will get the dubious honor in the future.

With that said, check out the nine games that were so bad that PlayStation LifeStyle gave them a 1/10 rating below:


I’ve included the reviews for each game in the slideshow above, so if you want to learn why each game deserved their 1/10 rating then read the full text.

By the Numbers is a new weekly recurring feature that’ll look at gaming from a numbers-oriented view. Next week we’ll be back with the first of two parts taking a look at some of the site’s highest rated games.

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