Motorbike Review (PSN)

Motorbike is a stunt bike game much in the same vein as Joe Danger and the Trials HD games, but is far from being in the same league. Containing over 80 tracks and the ability to play user created levels, players will the ability to have almost endless re-playability with this game – if they have the stomach for it.

Once you first start up Motorbike it is obvious that there is something inherently wrong with the game’s design, the menu screen looks more like a grade-schooler’s first project or a throwaway mobile game. Here you will find the ability to choose your racer, their bike, create a level or pick a track. There is also the ability to play cooperatively, which means that both players play on the same track with a vertically split-screen at the same time. Underneath that, you will find a competitive mode that gives each player a level to themselves, but splits the screen horizontally. Both of these modes feel more tacked on more than anything, as the vertical split for co-op seems to ruin visibility, making the mode almost useless and neither mode supports online play.

Saying anything positive about this game is sadly a real stretch. I was actually looking forward to Motorbike, as I have always been a fan of other stunt bike games on the mobile market and PC, but just could not see any real reason to like this game. Normally, I would think that the control scheme for a title of this stature would be the only real criteria for how much fun it was to play, but sadly, I was proven wrong numerous times. The level design for this game is terrible, absolutely terrible, so terrible that some missions become a feat of patience and temperament than about skill or fun.

It was not until I started messing with the level editor that I realized just what was wrong – it feels like a compilation of the worst levels you saw on LittleBigPlanet‘s user created levels, but they were the official ones. The objects in the world consist of abnormally big barrels with an abnormal weight to them, giant boxes, giant objects that act like pits and giant walls, which, as any stunt biking enthusiast can attest to, are not items that should be considered fun on any track. Luckily, the fun doesn’t stop there, topping the list is the bewildering spike strip, that will completely flatten your tire, making it impossible to gain any speed. I am sure the developer behind that idea throws lovely birthday parties for his friends and family – ‘who wants to play wash my car?’

Past the terrible design choices that run rampant throughout Motorbike, the physics in the game are decent at best, but rarely see much potential as there is usually only a few feet between things to run into.

The soundtrack for the game, as far as I could tell before my ears started to bleed, basically broke down into a single guitar riff or two on repeat the whole time – and no, there is no support for using your own playlist.

Long story short, do not buy this $15 game. Instead I would recommend that you just put the money to better use by throwing it in the air and doing a little dance, I honestly think you will find more entertainment from that.

  • You don't have to buy it.
  • You can buy a 99 cent app instead that is much more fun.
  • I don't think there is enough room to put everything down.
  • EVERYTHING - oh, turns out there was enough room.