New Dynasty Warriors 9 Screenshots Reveal Story Details, Characters

Koei Tecmo has produced more screenshots and revealed more details regarding the story for Dynasty Warriors 9. It’s already been revealed that this next Dynasty Warriors installment will be open world, a first for the franchise. Koei Tecmo has now said that the game’s story will be told across several chapters based upon real historical events from ancient China.

“The story of the Three Kingdoms will be presented over ten riveting chapters, each reflecting changes in the balance of power in the world and in the available actions to the player. Each Chapter takes the player a step deeper into the impressive military and political machinations of the era, beginning with the Yellow Turban Rebellion through the ultimate unification of China,” the developer said in a press release.

Players will choose a character and experience these events from that character’s perspective. The game will retain its traditional hack-n-slash combat, and all 83 characters from Dynasty Warriors 8 will return. Check out the new screenshots the developer released below.

Dynasty Warriors 9 still does not have a release date, but we do know it will release in Japan first. Are you looking forward to this new take on Dynasty Warriors?