ASTRO Gaming Announces New WWII-Themed Call of Duty Headset

ASTRO Gaming has unveiled its new WWII-themed Call of Duty headset, which is available for purchase now at a price of $69.99.

In a press release, the studio introduced its ASTRO A10 as “an entirely new and highly customized” headset that features olive green and black colors inspired by WWII-era tactile gear and uniforms.

Here’s how ASTRO describes the product:

Gear up to push into enemy territory and show them no mercy. Take your gear to the next level with the Special Edition Call of Duty A10 Headset. Durable construction and extended comfort to combat fatigue means you can game longer, play better, and show the enemy what you’re made of. “Tuned for Gaming” with ASTRO Audio gives you 40mm drivers so you can hear your game and your teammates with clarity and precision. Game:Voice Balancing, uni-directional mic, in-line volume control, and flip-to-mute functionality delivers total control of your gaming audio experience. Welcome to the ASTRO Family, soldier.

The Call of Duty ASTRO A10 Headset features a ruggedly durable steel headband wrapped in a rubberized, damage-resistant polycarbonate blend made tough to last.  Lightweight construction combats headset fatigue.  Most importantly, the headset features the same audio quality found across the entire line of ASTRO Gaming products.  Whether you are beginning your path towards becoming a pro or you want a damage-resistant audio solution that shows your love of the franchise, the Call of Duty ASTRO A10 Headset will complete every fans collection.

The headset is compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and mobile devices.