Dead By Daylight Console Updates Coming Soon

Console players may be wondering why their version of the multiplayer horror title Dead By Daylight is lagging behind the PC version. Well, worry not, as it’s been announced via the Dead By Daylight Twitter account that the updates are coming soon to consoles. The first of these updates is the free Lullaby for the Dark update, and will bring the game to version 1.6.0.

Lullaby for the Dark released late last month on the PC, and is slated to hit the PlayStation 4 August 21 in North America (European dates still pending). Here is some additional information on the update:

The Chapter’s new killer is the Huntress, and the first introduced with a long range weapon as she throws her hatchets with deadly precision. The new map – Mother’s Dwelling – features the Huntress’ home, hidden deep in the forest, where she stalks her unsuspecting prey. David King is also introduced as the new survivor. A former rugby player destined for greatness, who ended up wasting his life in bars, drinking and fighting.

Priced at free, A Lullaby for the Dark Chapter includes:

  • 1 New Killer – The Huntress
  • 1 New Survivor – David King
  • 1 New Map – Red Forest – Mother’s Dwelling

There has also been a roadmap released for additional updates. Next up will be the Halloween DLC, coming to North America on August 25, then the Charity Case, which is a cosmetic pack whose sales will go to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

dead by daylight update

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(Source: Twitter)