LawBreakers Update 1.1 Today on PS4 & PC Brings Balance Tweaks, Bug Fixes

Admittedly “pretty light weight in terms of gameplay changes,” LawBreakers update 1.1 for PlayStation 4 and PC was pushed live earlier today at 7am PT/10am ET. It’s a quality of life update that fixes some crucial bugs, makes some balance tweaks, and lets you open Stash Boxes while waiting in matchmaking.

Here’s the full list of patch notes:

New Additions

  • Open Stash Boxes while waiting in matchmaking lobby and queue!

Role Changes


  • Horizontal warp impulse increased 300 → 500
  • New mechanic: landing a fully charged Omega headshot now replenishes a Warp ability charge.
  • Reduced Headshot damage multiplier on TAC Knife from 1.5 → 1.25.
  • Reduced fully charged Omega max damage from 160 → 150.


  • Decreased Harrier’s Convergence ability damage per second from 500 → 400.


  • Wasp stab base damage reduced 125 → 75
  • Stab precision damage → 125

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where Gunslinger would sometime’s get stuck in a state where they could not shoot.
  • Fixed an issue where Harrier’s Shoc-Croc may not have applied damage in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where Crisper was dealing extra damage briefly after coming out of Berserk mode.
  • Enemy impulses now affect Wraith’s Wasp Stab and Slide abilities.


  • Fixed in game animdynamics on all characters – Dynamic character elements such as hair, ammo packs, and belts will now animate in game and not just in the menus.


  • Fixed an issue where selected gamepad presets wouldn’t reset to default correctly.


  • Updated text for supported languages to fix issues related to achievements, scoring events, and menus.

General Additions/Improvements

  • Greatly improved match filling logic – Most cases where a game was unable to fill to 5 players have been addressed.

In terms of known issues on PS4, developer Boss Key Productions noted that “voice chat is still currently disabled as we work on a fix,” and “the Weapon Sticker menu can be unresponsive or skip entries when navigating.”

At the moment, Boss Key is gathering feedback and evaluating the state of the game. “Our goal with these changes is to make sure that LawBreakers delivers on it’s promise of deep gameplay and skill expression,” they added.

Answering some questions on Twitter, Boss Key said tutorials are coming soon to PS4, reminded everyone that post-launch maps and modes and roles will be free, and, when asked why this patch didn’t have new maps/Kill Cam/Character limit, they replied, “Still lots to do. This is only the first patch, lots of quality of life updates first.”

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