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lawbreakers dev

Cliff Bleszinski Says He’s ‘Never’ Making Another Game in Response to Tweet About LawBreakers

“I’m done,” he said in a statement.

More Than 1,000 Jobs Were Lost in the Games Industry Over the Past Year, 10 Studios Closed Doors

Telltale wasn’t the only casualty of poor management practices.

lawbreakers shut down

LawBreakers Officially Shuts Down Following Community Farewell Event

“Hardest development,” says former dev.

lawbreakers failure

Former Nexon Vice President Cancels His Talk on LawBreakers’ Failure

Vlad Coho cancelled the talk “out of respect.”

Lawbreakers Flopped

Former Nexon Vice President’s Going to Talk About How LawBreakers Flopped

You know a game’s bad when someone from its publisher says it flopped.

boss key productions

LawBreakers Developer Boss Key Productions is Shutting Down

Company will keep up Radical Heights servers.

radical heights

Boss Key Production’s Cliff Bleszinski Calls Out Epic Games Over Employee Poaching

Apparently, Epic has an issue with Radical Heights.

Boss key next game

Admitting Defeat, LawBreakers Studio Boss Key Moves On To Next Game

The studio has already been hard at work on something new.

lawbreakers publisher

LawBreakers Publisher Nexon Suffers Layoffs, Says the Game Isn’t to Blame

Restructuring was necessary to streamline operations.

lawbreakers patch

LawBreakers Publisher has Written Off the Title as a Loss, Failure Blamed on PUBG

A perfect storm of factors led to its commercial failure.

lawbreakers dev

Boss Key Co-Founder Leaves to Join Epic Games for a “Secret” Project

“Still makin’ games here,” says Bleszinski

LawBreakers Update

Latest LawBreakers Update Adds Boss Leagues Season 0 Rewards, Check Out the Patch Notes

The update is live.

LawBreakers Update 2.0.1 Increases the Frequency of Rare Rewards in Stash Drops

Also fixes a number of issues with the Boss Leagues queue.

lawbreakers update

Newest LawBreakers Update Revealed, Releases Thursday

New maps and mode!

lawbreakers patch

LawBreakers Patch 1.4 Brings Huge Changes to How Health Works

This new change will hopefully make LawBreakers a lot more fun to play.

LawBreakers Update 1.3 Out Now, Adds Tutorials and Limits Character Stacking

No character balancing tweaks in this update.

lawbreakers update

Boss Key Details Q4 Updates for LawBreakers

There’s a lot of stuff planned.

LawBreakers Weekend Giveaway – Win the Full Game

Three ways to enter.

LawBreakers Update

LawBreakers Update 1.1 Today on PS4 & PC Brings Balance Tweaks, Bug Fixes

PS4 voice chat is still disabled while they work on a fix.

lawbreakers player count

Cliff Bleszinski Talks LawBreakers’ Low Concurrent Player Count, PS4’s “Hungry” Audience, and More

LawBreakers is a “marathon and not a sprint.”