LawBreakers Publisher Nexon Suffers Layoffs, Says the Game Isn’t to Blame

Nexon America has laid off an undisclosed number of employees following some internal restructuring, according to a report by Games Industry. A spokesperson from the company said that the redundancies were necessary to “streamline operations and reset the organization to pursue a deeper focus on our most promising titles.”

The company claims that while the situation is unfortunate, the number of layoffs “do not represent any significance to our overall workforce.” On the contrary, Games Industry’s source says that one fifth of the US arm’s staff has been let go.

This news comes just a month after Nexon wrote off Boss Key Productions’ LawBreakers as a loss. However, the publisher insists that the game isn’t to blame for its woes. The spokesperson reiterated that the restructuring was conducted to “sharpen Nexon Amercia’s focus and improve our overall live operations capability for long-term success.” The statement concluded:

We are a financially stable and growing company continuing to report record earnings. Changes we made are not tied to financial reasons, but to turn Nexon around in an effort to establish ourselves as a strong player in the Western market, replicating the success Nexon has had in Asia.

Our thoughts go out to all those affected.

[Source: Games Industry]