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Boss Key Co-Founder Leaves to Join Epic Games for a “Secret” Project

LawBreakers studio Boss Key Production’s co-founder, Arjan Brussee, has left the company to re-join Epic Games. This news was unveiled on Twitter first by Cliff Bleszinski, and then later by Brussee himself.

Brussee also co-founded Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn studio, Guerrilla Games, which he left in 2012. He previously worked at Electronic Arts and Epic Games (during the mid 90s).

As for Boss Key, Bleszinski makes it clear that they’re “still makin’ games here” despite speculation that LawBreakers‘ mediocre performance spells doom for the studio.

We’ll update our readers when we hear something about Brussee’s next project. Both him and his wife, Saskia, mentioned on Twitter that an announcement is coming soon. “Thank you, Cliff, for an amazing ride,” she wrote.

[Source: Games Industry]