Cliff Bleszinski Is Leaving the Games Industry for Broadway

Gaming legend Cliff Bleszinski has announced his newest venture, and it probably took many by surprise. The game designer is heading to New York City, but not for anything game-related. He recently announced that he is joining the upcoming Broadway production of the musical Hadestown as a producer. Calling it his “next gig,” it looks like it may be a bit before we see any new games coming from Cliffy B, if we do at all.

His official title is “investor,” which means sadly, we won’t see his acting debut. However, it certainly appears to be an exciting venture for Cliffy B, who has been sharing his enthusiasm on Twitter. It’s definitely a new chapter for the industry icon, and we shall see what the future holds. Hadestown is based off of the 2010 album of the same name by Anaïs Mitchell. It first debuted in 2016 and will come to Broadway on April 17, 2019, following a round of previews beginning March 22nd.

If for some reason you don’t know who Cliff Bleszinski is, he’s probably best known for his days over at Epic Games. He’s had a role in both the Gears of War and Unreal series, and he also announced a little game called Fortnite. He left Epic back in 2012, with the intention to retire from game development. However, in 2014 he announced he was coming out of retirement to form a new studio.

Sadly, the studio failed to gain any real traction, and LawBreakers, its first game, ultimately shut down in September 2018. Boss Key Productions also shut down, despite launching the battle royale game Radical Heights just prior. Hopefully this is a more successful venture for him.