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Cliff Bleszinski’s New Project Apparently Coming From His Own Company, Boss Key Productions

We recently reported that Gears of War designer, Cliff ‘Cliffy B’ Bleszinski, seems to be all set to reveal his upcoming project. But before he does so, a few details seem to have been leaked already.

Back in April, Bleszinski filed for a company called Boss Key Productions, Inc. The website for the studio has gone live, although it just displays a logo at the moment. The same logo can be found on the company’s Twitter account, announcing “soon.” A header image reveals a project called Blue Streak.

Bleszinski “retired” from the industry back in 2012 after 20 long years of service with Epic, citing the need for a break. He’ll be officially revealing his next project on July 8.

Have a look at the logo and guess what it is in the meanwhile!

[Source: Superannuation via Gematsu]