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Cliff Bleszinksi Coming Out of Retirement to Develop Games Once More (Update)


Cliff Bleszinski has announced a countdown clock for whatever project he’s working on and said “shit just got real.”

The clock directs here, with the words “it’s almost time” splashed on the center of the page, with a countdown timer set to expire in approximately four days’ time. If and when Bleszinski’s announcement affects PlayStation platforms, we’ll let you know.

Original Story:

Gears of War director and former Epic Games employee Cliff Bleszinksi (more commonly known as CliffyB), has announced on Twitter that he’s coming out of retirement to make games once more.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know so far. We don’t know if he’s forming his own studio (most likely), jumping to another established development team or what. Also, we also do not know if whatever he’s cooking up will be specific to one platform or be PC exclusive. Once he shares more details and if it affects PlayStation gamers, we’ll, of course, let you know. Would you want to see whatever Bleszinksi is cooking to hit PlayStation platforms or would you rather he stick to PC development?

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